Pro Slick, Polished, Shift Cable
Pro Slick, Polished, Shift Cable
Pro Slick, Polished, Shift Cable

Pro Slick, Polished, Shift Cable

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                   Universal - Thoughtfully crafted to work on just about any bicycle. This versatile gear slots right into place.         Shift - Contains everything required for a complete service of shift system.

    • ​Polished, die-extruded stainless steel
    • Low friction for excellent shifting performance
    • Compatible with all performance housing, lubricant, and end cap combinations
    • Cables are tinted gold for easy identification



    Cable Ends

      STS-PS - pre-stretched, polished, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

      Pro Polished Slick Stainless

      Slick stainless cables undergo a polishing process to further remove imperfections. This creates a smoother surface with lower friction than PTFE-coated cables. With no coating, these are highly durable and compatible with all performance housings and lubricants. Typically used on high-end bikes, by riders wanting improved performance. The gold tint is applied for easy identification.


      Recently had a wheel built by SpokeX and couldn't be happier. Thanks Hunter for the custom build. Looking forward to other transactions. New local shop which I am happy to support. Looking forward to be able to online order


      Hunter was awesome! Great customers service. Bought my 1st Yeti from SpokeX. The derailleur needed some tuning and it was done the next day. The service  they provide for Yeti owners is great. As many of you know, there's a break-in period where parts need to settle in and they provide  a free follow-up service to retune the bike. Shop is pretty cool too. They have chairs you can spin on while waiting.