The SX310
the Enduro and Downhill King. The 310 will keep your ride ready for the downs or party laps, while also remaining lightweight for those pesty climbs. Recommended tire size is 2.3-2.8
The SX350
Brand new in our line-up! The SX350 is perfect for those cushy 2.5-3.0 tires. Ideal for E-Bikes when you need a bit of extra traction or if you are the type who likes more width for impact disbursement and a more stable sidewall.

Unlimited Design Options

Hubs that mirror quality
Built to Industry Nine's highly regarded Hydra hub. Boasting 690 Points of engagement, tool-less driver swapping, and easy to maintain.
Hand Built To order
We swear by the personal touch. We never use machines, and never will. Each wheel is hand built to order by our expert wheel builders, and each wheel is checked for quality before leaving the shop.
Custom Printed Decals
Decals designed and printed in San Jose CA and applied by hand in house.
Lifetime Warranty!
All wheels come with a lifetime, no questions, no frills warranty! If it breaks while you are riding your bike, we will replace it! It is that simple. You will receive a lifetime craftsmanship warranty that protects you from wheel-build defects such as broken spokes and nipples. That is true 360° coverage!
In-House Powder Coated spokes
Each spoke is powder coated in-house and checked for quality. This gives you unlimited options for customization and the ability to replicate a frame color, hub, or decal more accurately.

SX310 Specs

Internal Width: 31mm

External Width: 38mm

Depth: 23.5mm

Weight: 505g(29) - 485g(27.5)

ERD: 598(29) - 560(27.5)

Offset: 2mm

Max Weight: 300lbs

Max Pressure: 40 psi

Reccomended Tire Size: 2.3-2.8

Reccomended Use: AM/EN/DH

*All of our rims are E-bike Rated

SX350 Specs

Internal Width: 35mm

External Width: 42mm

Depth: 25mm

Weight: 510g(29) - 495g(27.5)

ERD: 595(29) - 558(27.5)

Offset: 2mm

Max Weight: 250lbs

Max Pressure: 35 psi

Reccomended Tire Size: 2.3-2.8

Reccomended Use: AM/EN/DH

*All of our rims are E-bike Rated

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