Our Standard

Our Wheel Build Standard

     Our wheels are always hand laced and hand trued. We use a standard 3 cross lace for most of our builds. We use only the best equipment and every spoke is tensioned using a digital DT Swiss Tensiometer. We start by filling the hub with spokes and getting our key spokes in place which will always leave the valve stem hole aligned with the logo on the hub. This is something Hunter started doing early on as a measure of accuracy and quality. After all nipples and spokes are attached to the rim with our tried and true lacing technique we begin to apply the first round of initial tension. We bring each nipple to an equal point on the spoke to keep tension as even as possible. After our first round of tension we begin checking vertical and horizontal compliance while also bringing the wheel up to tension. We then continue this process until the wheel is vertically and horizontally compliant and all spokes are under 2% tension variance. 

     We make sure to use a technique developed for de-tensioning spokes during this process. All spokes are checked making sure bends are settled along flange properly ensuring the correct spoke path from hub to rim which ultimately provides to the overall trueness and strength of the rim for the best longevity. 

    Our final step after the wheel is Trued, Tensioned and checked for dish is to be QC'd. We use our in house developed Quality Control cards. A seasoned wheel builder works alongside your wheel-builder to go over every aspect from lateral and vertical compliance to a variance check on spoke tension, the dish is checked one last time, and then finally the driver is checked. Once the QC card is signed off the wheels are then packed into our custom built boxes and sent to your front door!  




Lucas Savoy

COO & Co-Founder

Lucas has a passion for the outdoors and people. He thrives on helping others and growing with his employees, he knows how to lead and get the job done, but is more in tune with the journey rather than the end game. 



Hunter Savoy

CEO & Founder

Hunter is extremely passionate about mountain bikes and wheel building. He is your go to man for any mechanical questions or to just chat it up about bikes. He always answers his cell and doesn't hesitate to hand it out to every customer. Hunter had a dream a year ago to bring high quality wheels to end users at extremely competitive pricing and even as the company flourishes his core values to the company have stayed true.